There was a significant drop in sales in December - both compared to the previous month and compared to Decembers in previous years.  
We typically experience less sales activity as we head through December and through the Christmas Holidays - this last December was no exception.   
There were a total of 18sales in DecemberOf these 18sales for the month:
10 were under $1 million
  • 1 Quartershare
  • 2 Phase 1 condos and townhomes
  • 7 Phase 2 condos
   5 were between $1 million and $2 million
  • 3 Phase 1 condos and townhomes
  • 1 single family home
  • 1 Residential townhome

1 Sale was between $2 million and $3 million

  • 1 Phase 1 townhome

2 were over $3 million

  • 2 Single family homes


In Pemberton, the total number of sales in December was 8: 3 vacant lots, 4 townhomes (including 2 presages at Elevate at Sunstone), 1 single family on Gates Lake. 

There are now a total of269 listings in Whistler (all types of properties including timeshares and parking stalls) and a total of 65listings in Pemberton.  An increase of 5% in listings in Whistler and a drop of 15% in listings in Pemberton.   
The statisticsattachedshow the total dollar volume of sales and number of sales in each category - chalets (single family homes), condominiums, Phase 1 condos, Phase 2 condos, duplexes, shared ownership, town-homes and vacant lots.  It also has the total of all of these categories.  This includes all sales reported by all of the real estate companies in Whistler.

2018 - Year in Review

With regards to the year-end, we had a total of 663 sales in 2018 versus 890 sales in 2017.   The beginning of 2018 started out really strong, with record high prices, bidding wars, high demand and little inventory.  It seemed nothing could stop the compelling story of ever rising prices in Whistler’s real estate market.     In hindsight, this peaked around March and then we started to see inventory increase slightly and some resistance to the ever increasing prices. What a difference 9 months can make.    Since then our market has slowed down - very noticeable by the lack of sales in December specifically.    The sales to actives ratio has dropped from 35% in March to 7% in December which puts us officially into a ‘buyers’ market’.    Hopefully this is only temporary and we will see the volume of sales increase in January and February.
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