Whistler and Pemberton February Sales Statistics


There was an drop in the volume of sales in February compared to January - but this partially reflects the short month of February!   We had a total of 31 sales in February versus the 39 sales in January.    However, more significantly February 2019 saw a 55 % decrease in the number of sales compared to February 2018.   Although March is proving to be a little busier, the overall drop in the volume of sales is now a sign of the new market conditions being experienced in Whistler.    Interestingly, we saw more sales in the high end in the month of February - reflecting the diversified demographic and geographic source of our buyers, with many being here in February from the US and overseas.

Of these 31 sales for the month of February 2019:

16 were under $1 million

  • 4 Quarter shares
  • 3 Phase 1 condos and townhomes
  • 6 Phase 2 condos
  • 1 Residential townhome
  • 1 Employee townhome
  • 1 Vacant Lot

4 were between $1 million and $2 million

  • 2 Phase 1 condos
  • 1 Phase 1 townhome
  • 1 Residential townhomes

5 were between $2 million and $3 million

  • 3 single family homes
  • 2 Phase 1 townhomes

6 were over $3 million

  • 1 single family
  • 1 Phase 1 townhome
  • 2 Phase 2 condos (Four Season’s Private Residences)
  • 1 Vacant Lot
  • 1 Bed and Breakfast


In Pemberton, the total number of sales in February was 14:  4 condos, 5 townhomes, 2 vacant lots, 2 single family homes and 1 single family home on acreage. 


There are now a total of 330 listings in Whistler (all types of properties including timeshares and parking stalls) and a total of 81 listings in Pemberton.  An increase in listings in both communities compared to last month.   

The statistics attached show the total dollar volume of sales and number of sales in each category - chalets (single family homes), condominiums, Phase 1 condos, Phase 2 condos, duplexes, shared ownership, town-homes and vacant lots.  It also has the total of all of these categories.  This includes all sales reported by all of the real estate companies in Whistler.

Kindest regards - Sally

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