It has been a very busy quarter - with the number of sales up significantly in July, August and September!


We had a total of 15 sales in May, after a very quiet April with only 12 sales. However, in June we had a total of 45 sales and from there it continued to get busier and busier as potential buyers realized

all the great benefits that Whistler had to offer - a mountain getaway, a safe retreat, a great place to work from remotely. In July we 72 sales, in August 75 and in September 99 - all record months for the volume of sales compared to previous years.

Despite the phenomenal increase in the number of sales, prices have not risen yet. That may, or may not, be around the corner - depending on when the border opens and we potentially see an influx of US buyers.

Under $1 million:
9 Phase 2 condos
9 Quartershares
15 Phase 1 condos and townhomes
1 Employee townhome
4 Residential condos and townhomes

Between $1 million and $2 million:

7 Residential townhomes
9 Single Family homes
14 Phase 1 townhomes
2 Duplexes

Between $2 million and $3 million:

10 Single Family Homes
9 Phase 1 Condos and Townhomes
1 Residential townhome

$3 million - $5 million:

3 Single Family Homes
1 Phase 1 Townhome
1 Vacant Lot

$5 million plus:
4 Single Family

In PEMBERTON, we had a total of 32 sales: 11 single family homes, 8 lots, 5 condos and 8 townhomes.

I was thrilled to be able to sell my clients’ beautiful 2.5 acres with a fabulous carriage house for $1,600,000 - the highest sale for Pemberton for the month of September!

There are now a total of 323 listings in Whistler (all types of properties including timeshares and parking stalls) and a total of 65 listings in Pemberton – a quite significant drop in inventory in both Whistler and Pemberton.

The statistics attached show the total dollar volume of sales and number of sales in each category - chalets (single family homes), condominiums, Phase 1 condos, Phase 2 condos, duplexes, shared ownership, town-homes and vacant lots. It also has the total of all of these categories. This includes all sales reported by all of the real estate companies in Whistler.


Whistler Real Estate Statistics for September: Click Here

Pemberton Real Estate Statistics for September: Click Here

Kindest regards - Sally
President’s Club Member (Top 1% in Greater Vancouver)
Top 100 in RE/MAX Western Canada