Whistler Market Update December 2020

The market has just got busier and busier after it started to pick up again in June.   After 2 extremely quiet months when no on knew what was going to happen, the number of sales picked up as BC residents started to feel more

comfortable driving to the resort and realized that having a property in the mountains would make a great getaway from urban life and place to self-isolate.  

Many buyers also realized that if they could now work from home, home could be anywhere and why not in one of BC best playgrounds.    This led to an increase in sales and a decrease in inventory leading up to October were we saw a 134% increase in the number of sales compared to October of 2019!   The fall months are often busy for real estate in Whistler as purchases are made before the up-coming ski season but this fall it has been abnormally hot.   This has all come from BC buyers and we have seen very few, in any, US or overseas buyers.   I have had one US buyer this year but he was fortunate enough to hold a Canadian passport so purchased sight unseen and then drove up from California to quarantine in his new Whistler home.

Stay tuned as we will be releasing the Whistler and Pemberton Real Estate Statistics next week!